Personalized Midwifery & MD Care

Better Birth Outcomes & Better Birth Experiences

The mission of Integrative Obstetrics & Mindful Midwifery is to provide women and their families with the best and most up to date obstetrical care available in New Jersey.   It is to provide women with excellence in birthing and pregnancy care. It is also to provide the information required to make informed decisions regarding Choices in Childbirth, so that women and their families feel supported and honored as they enter parenthood or continue on their parental path. In addition, we are committed to the highest quality of patient satisfaction delivered with honesty and warmth.

The Integrative OB Difference

Doctors and midwives working together in an integrative, modern model. Our practice is a partnership between midwives and physicians to create an environment where women not only feel supported but also feel safe, confident, and secure. Midwives are experts in natural childbirth. They have extensive training and experience with the variations in a normal labor and are comfortable to handle all different types of labors. Midwives support women and attend to women in labor. A lot of their care focuses on the relationship created in the prental period and assiting the mother and her team to best prepare for an excellent labor. Obstetricians are experts in the deviations from the normal labor progression and pattern. When midwives and physicians work together, it give women the best of both worlds. The midwifery expertise of normal labor and a doctor’s experience of the abnormal.

Management in labor involves being present with the women they attend. Midwives are well versed in various childbirth preparation techniques, such as hypnobirthing, the Bradley method, Lamaze, Spinning Babies, Alexander etc and can easily work with women who have undergone any type of childbirth preparation. They utilize several different types of pain management techniques with or without medications. They support women in labor and are actively assist women to move through each stage of labor. They also assist women to labor and birth in various positions, standing, squatting and are more than comfortable delivering women in whatever position is best for her.

Our Midwife, Kristin Mallon has over 14 years experience and has attended over 4000 deliveires providing the midwife model of care. Kristin believes in a woman’s ability to give birth calmly and with power, trusting her intuition and relying on her body to move and birth naturally. Call us to set up a consultation with Kristin. Hallmarks of Integrative Obstetrical care include: Informed consent, shared decision making, labor support and guidance, and a commitment to the most up-to-date and evidence-based information available.

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