Mindful Midwifery & Integrative Obstetrics

The concept of Integrative Obstetrics is one in which midwives and physicians work side by side in a collaborative model in a way that is best for each individual patient. This model is a new concept in pregnancy and childbirth that gives women the honest delivery they are envisioning. It utilizes conventional, traditional and alternative therapies and modalities throughout pregnancy and birth. This level of care offers women better outcomes, higher safety, and a better sense of overall well-being and attention.

Women, and their families, can come to expect a better birth experience with an integrative model. They will be more prepared for childbirth and the postpartum period. They also are offered more birthing options and access to a wide range of expertise that includes midwifery care and traditional obstetrical/pregnancy care.


Midwives are experts in the natural, normal birth process in addition to any common high risk issues. They exercise the patience to wait when necessary and offer alternative modalities and therapies to treat conventional problems in health care.   Midwives are known for “listening to women” and providing individualized, personal care.  Our team of midwives includes board certified nurse midwives and each have the highest level of certified nursing training of obstetrics.  They hold master’s degrees in Midwifery and have collectively been at over 6000 deliveries.  About our Midwife


Physicians are experts in the abnormal pregnancy and childbirth process, common high risk issues, and uncommon pregnancy complications.  Our physicians take a less invasive approach, but are able to intervene if necessary.  They hold the latest training and certification on the most up-to-date in obstetrical and gynecological care available anywhere. Our physicians perform robotic surgery, laprascopic surgery, and the latest in technology innovation.  About the Doctor


Perinatologists, otherwise known and Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) Specialists are physicians that underwent an additional three years of fellowship training in high risk obstetrics.  They have a subspecialty in complex and rare obstetrical cases and have a higher level of training than a traditional OB/GYN. Our perinatologist, Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak has been practicing MFM at Hackensack UMC since 2002, and he still attends complicated and high risk deliveries, and is a large reason why our cesarean delivery rate is low.  About Dr. Abdelhak

The in case of cesarean deliveries, in our practice, Midwives and Physicians perform these surgeries together.




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