Twins and Multiple Pregnancies


Twins and multiple pregnancies are one of the greatest blessings. Though multiple pregnancies are a great gift that can bless you with twins, triplets or more, multiple pregnancies can also pose risks for complications. If you are expecting twins, triplets or another multiple pregnancy, it is important to monitor your health and the health of your babies as soon as you can. We can assist you with any issue that could arise and help you through your pregnancy from conception to delivery to ensure you and your babies are safe and healthy.

Multiple pregnancy puts extra stress on your body and the additional strain creates greater risks for complications. However, a multiple pregnancy does not necessarily mean you will experience complications.  By staying healthy and taking part in regular tests and check-ups, you can monitor the health of your baby throughout your pregnancy and take care of any problem if it arises. With the guidance and expertise of a specialized high risk OB/GYN to assist you at every stage, you will have the best care possible and able to approach any issue with a careful plan.

Twins and multiple pregnancies are a blessing that should not be dampened by complications. Get an experienced high risk OB/GYN to assist you and provide you with specialized care to ensure a safe pregnancy.

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