Integrative OB - Services

Mindful Midwifery is a truly modern example of the perfect partnership. From bringing together physicians and midwives ahead of every childbirth, they are able to form a calming, safe and caring dynamic within the home – a feeling that lasts long after the birth itself.

Our midwives are highly skilled in offering emotional support to mothers, and attending to their needs every step of the way. Meanwhile, our obstetricians are experts in any rarities or changes that might occur within the normal labor pattern. With the knowledge of both specialists coming together, Mindful Midwifery is able to offer the finest services to all women throughout New Jersey and beyond.

For more information regarding specific services, please review the helpful tabs below. There, you will see a wide range of specialties and learn more about Mindful Midwifery’s services and capabilities. To learn more, to contact Mindful Midwifery today.


Genetic testing, Heavy metal testing, Vitamin & Hormone levels. Extra services provided – saline sonograms and intrauterine insemination.

Prenatal vitamins & supplement management, Diet, nutrition, ideal weight counseling. Ultrasound evaluation and screening. Exercise by trimester, High risk obstetrical surveillance. Attentive. Supported.

Support in labor. Doulas on call. Birth planning, Choices in Childbirth, Traditional birth practice and alternative birth practices. Individualized.

Lactation support. Mood stabilization. Pelvic floor rejuventation. Getting back to your body naturally. Abdominal restrengthening. Family planning and spacing naturally and with pharmacetuicals.

Integrative Woman Care
A focus on prevention, health and wellness. Complimentary methodologies to treat common female concerns.  A better overall experience. More informed.

Bio-Identical Hormones
Matching your body’s need with your stage of life

GYN Cosmetic Surgery
A healthy, safe and optional procedure for mothers following childbirth.

Midwifery Model of Care
This model of care is related to overseeing the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of a mother before, during and after her pregnancy. From counseling to prenatal and postpartum care, the model is built upon providing all women with a reliable support system throughout the child-bearing cycle.

Natural Hospital Birth
A natural hospital birth is entirely possible. Mothers-to-be who are interested in this option can personally discuss their questions and concerns with one of Mindful Midwifery’s team members.

Birth with Epidural
Childbirth with an epidural might be the right route for you. If so, one of Mindful Midwifery’s team members would be more than happy to discuss options with you.


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