Amazing Honor

Amazing Honor

I had the amazing honor of having Kristin Mallon assist me during the birth of my baby girl. I couldn’t have asked for more. Kristin was available to me throughout my pregnancy, building a report, bond, and connection. She is compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and ideal for anyone seeking emotional and medical support during your pregnancy.

I was in labor for ??? hours ‎and Kristin never left my side. I’m a very nervous and scared patient but all I had to do was look at Kristin and she would ease all my fears, every time. Always so attentive and helpful, Something I’m forever grateful and won’t ever forget. It’s kept in a special place in my heart.

Labor is not an easy or pretty thing, we know that! But we tend to forget.

So when looking for the right person to deliver you baby, seak someone that will be supportive and kind to your needs. Strong, good support, that’s what will get you through the rough edges of delivery.

Kristins voice would calm and help me keep focus. ‎She massaged my back, worked with me, kept my shoulder down at times of difficult contractions, and helped keep the hair off my face. Kristin said a prayer at the time I no longer had the strength to do so. It brings joyful tears to my eyes when I think of this. I will never forget!

We all want a perfect birth. Some of us look forward to that moment at delivery, where you can catch your own baby. But Labor cetainly isn’t perfect and what’s important in the end is the support and care you recieved during your labor and delivery. Kristin Mallon was “ALL” that and some. Hands down!

Thank you for EVERYTHING you did for me and Gabriella.

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